Intensive Study Programme

Name/type of the event:  Intensive Study Programme

Aims/Agenda: To pilot test the developed course syllabus and training materials with a group of 15 students

After months of fruitful cooperation and joint work FENICE partners have developed 4 interdisciplinary courses for training in management and entrepreneurship in the CCIs.

Now, at the very end of the project, we are pilot testing them. Within our 5 days Intensive study programme we have gathered together 15 young people from 5 partner countries and immersed them into the specifics of business in the CCIs. This training experience was very exciting for the participants. They enjoyed the Programme and share they have learned a lot of new things.

The event was held in Varna, Bulgaria in the period 24 – 28 April, 2023.

At the end of the project it is time to pilot test our Outputs.