First Partner Meeting

Name/type of the event:  1st partner meeting

Aims/Agenda: Discussing the project implementation, planning of the implementation, distribution of tasks

A very fruitful partner meeting kicked off the implementation of our FENICE initiative. It was developed in early 2020 based on the joint efforts and shared values for the development of interdisciplinary education programs that respond to the needs of the CCIs. The FENICE project was finally brought to life now. In the next 24 months (from November 1, 2020 to October 31, 2022) a pool of international experts from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Serbia and Romania will facilitate cross-fertilization between business/economics, arts, heritage, IT and media studies. At its end, FENICE shall be able to proudly present course syllabuses, training materials and e-learning contributing to covering identified skills gaps and providing opportunities for setting-up both traditional and LLL courses, adapted to the needs of the non-traditional students.

This meeting set a base for fruitful cooperation.