Greek Academic Network

More specifically, GUnet’s aims include the following:

  • The development, support and management of the academic network of all Universities in Greece.
  • The coordination of the diffusion, promotion and development of advanced network services and applications in the academic and research community of the country,
  • The provision of advanced ICT and e-learning services to its members and third parties (institutes, foundations, industry).
  • The participation in R&D projects in the areas of networking and e-learning technologies, services and applications aiming at maintaining the Greek academic network at the stateof-the-art.
  • The collaboration with respective academic, research and educational networks of other countries.

Since 2012, GUnet coordinates the development of OpenCourseWare and open educational resources by its members at the national level.
GUnet was the winner of the 2016 Creative Innovation Award given by the Opencourseware Consortium ( to recognise outstanding innovations that bring a new approach to Open Education.