Eleventh partner meeting

Name/type of the event:  11th partners meeting 

Aims/Agenda: Review of project status in all aspects. Finalization of Training materials and platform and Brainstorming on the HEI – partnership model

After months of fruitful cooperation and joint work FENICE partners representatives met in person for the very first time. This first meeting with transnational mobility was held in Porto, Portugal on 29th of June.

All 9 experts actively participated in the held presentations and discussions considering the project implementation in all aspects – development of outputs, financial implementation, evaluation and dissemination. Finally, they joined their diverse knowledge to brainstorm over the structure of a model for HEI-business partnership in support of entrepreneurship in CCIs.

Exactly 20 months after the project start we met for the very first time during our 11th partner meeting, this time held in person in wonderful Porto.